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The world lost another great pro-skater by the name of Dylan Rieder yesterday. This post doesn’t pertain to him as much as it’s been a conversation I’ve had this past week with some friends. I’ve always said you can fake being rich, you can fake being cool, and you can even fake your looks - but you can’t fake skateboard & that’s what I’ve always loved about my homies & will never understand why people want to dilute one of the last REAL cultures we have.

So yea, wear what you want but at least brush up on your skateboarding knowledge if you’re gonna wear that Thrasher hoody with your Yeezy’s. Understand why those who skate are so protective. Understand the lifestyle of injuries, dealing with cops, fights, working 3 jobs to do what you love. Understand that skateboarders don’t switch up their friend circles every few months because life is deeper than a popularity contest (at least *most* of my homies don’t hahaha). Understand what it’s like to dedicate yourself to something that no one ever seemed to appreciate until your favorite corny pop singer decided it was something to exploit.

I won’t talk about babes wearing Thrasher cause let’s be honest, hot girls can pull off anything hahaha. I digress.



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