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The Filthy Few™ officially have a Tumblr! Holy fucking shit right? Many of you are probably wondering what took so fucking long and the truth is we tried real hard to stay away from it. Quite successfully might I add.

Why might you ask? Well for starters the last thing we wanted was to engage in another social network. That shit is just exhausting. The second major reason was a personal stigma to the whole “tumbling” system. I felt the reposting phenomena to devalue images & ideas. Not only turning everyone into cultural vampires (not the cool kinds) sucking life out of everything they had no education on in the first place. Then to repost them on their pages to superficially create these faux “cool” blogs, looking a certain way to attract followers to reinstate self worth. Most people don’t even credit the actual photographer or artist! You Tumblr people know exactly what I’m talking about! But really, some asshole has been parking this URL for years and we finally found his ass, drank his blood and inherited the page.

Yep, definitely thought about this way too much. Must be my age. Wolves, Hells Angels, hot naked chicks, tattoos, starry skies and movie gifs. Seriously what is there NOT to love about Tumblr?! Glad we finally caved. Honestly, we wanted to get to know our followers on Tumblr and share visually what we were all about. Enjoy, follow, and don’t forget to continue tagging us. We thank all you boys & ghouls for your continued support & hope you enjoy what us idiots will be posting and well, reposting. Ironic.

Lurking While Ya’ Working!
-Boris ‘Ladykiller’ Changstein Jr Esq.


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