This is Sara. She’s pretty tight. There are a lot of funny...


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This is Sara. She’s pretty tight. There are a lot of funny stories about Sara’s in my life. The first (and only) girl I kissed was in pre-k & her name was also Sara. So yea, I would get teased if I talked to anyone named Sara. There would be 5 more notable Saras that would terrorize my life coincidentally enough, but we’ll have to chat about that on the podcast (wink wink). Anyway, my sister thought it would be funny to keep playing Jefferson Starship’s Sara on fucking repeat during my developing my years because she wished she kissed a girl too prolly and now I can’t meet any new Sara’s without this fucking song playing in my head. I’ll never find another girl like you. For happy endings, it takes two. We’re fire and ice, a dream won’t come true. Shout out to all the Sara’s & Sarah’s out there, ya’ll fine af. Happy Humpday! 🥰 #Creepettes #GirlsOnFilm


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