“What ever happened to curiosity?”


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Amazing post from some dude on IMDB lol, read if you got time to kill & want to refresh your minds a bit. :)

“Personally, my suspicion is that irrationality is just as much part of a healthy human psyche as rational critical thinking and what stops irrationality and imagination from turning us into emotional cripples is humility & perspective. It’s probably deeply disturbing to people that I’ve implied our modern society only appears to be based on rational thought when in reality it is more like a torrent of competing cult mentalities transmitted via the internet e.g. self-labelled sci-fi experts. So called ‘viral’ trends do not really transmit ideas or beliefs, but rather it popularises certain expressions which individuals wrongly assume mean whatever they have projected onto them. These are what marketing executives would call 'tribes’.

The dominant form of modern debate, as a result of the internet’s amateur logicians with their argument play-books, seems to concentrate on finding new ways to justify the interpretation we want to find in books, films, TV, news etc. It’s a bit like an unwritten social law of the modern world, that rather than earnestly trying to find the truth from our collective knowledge we form coalitions of ignorance based on what we don’t agree with - turn a blind eye to my arrogance and I’ll turn a blind eye to yours: at least neither of us are one of those 'crazy’ bastards… that vote for X, that subscribe to theory Y, that have belief system Z.

Why is it my responsibility to prove every aspect of a theory to someone in order to get them to take the slightest interest? What ever happened to curiosity? Many people might look down upon cult members and say to themselves… how could they have been so silly? Yet we fail to spot the cult-like groups which we have become associated with ourselves.”


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